May 7 2010

Homebrew: Bel-Gin Strong

Cracked open a bottle of one of my Bel-Gin Strong beers, which was made from a kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop. As I’ve mentioned before, they make really kick ass kits. Not only are the recipes interesting, but they come with high quality ‘real’ ingredients (actual grain, not extracts). Not to mention the instructions are really well written and have nice packaging design.

The Bel-Gin Strong came out really well, I was very happy with it. It has a very heavy mouth feel, and a very intense taste. It’s actually pretty sweet, and the coriander and juniper berries impart a nice flavor. I think I would actually do this kit again, and recommend it to other brewers. I think I might have over carbonated it, as you can see in the picture below there’s quite a head on it. I think I need to go a little easier with the honey from here on out. Luckily I haven’t had any bottle explosions (yet).